*Marketing, Business Structure, Business Contracts,

& Make More Money.

Learn how to go from not making enough to be overpaid in your industry in 5 easy steps!


Starts on Monday

AUG 07 @ 7pm CT


Location: Online


Commitment: One Hour

What can you Learn in 5 Days?

  • Why You should Charge More

*** The secret to charging more

  • Why you should use OPM to get Funding in the RIGHT Industry during the pandemic.

*** What’s the right industry to get funding in during the pandemic

  • Why do you need to build the RIGHT team?

*** The 3 Elements of a Dream Team

  • Why you need to Write The Right Contracts that will give you money over and over

*** The Hidden Key to getting money over and over

  • Why You need to Build Business Credit

*** The Power of Business Credit

  • Why You should create a Brand and Market Your Business

*** Your Brand is your wealth

  • Why you should do More deals

*** Make more Deals, Make more Friends

  • Why you deserve to get paid more and be an authority figure in your industry

*** You have Earned it!

Join The 5 Day Make More Money In Your Biz For a Chance to Win:

  • You'll be entered to win $500 Cash

  • Register within the 1st hour and you'll get entered to win a 2 day $5500 mastermind with Dr.Hermanie

  • ​You'll be entered to win a year membership of the Dr.Hermanie’s Mastermind Mentorship.

5 Days Of Strategic Teaching

Day 1

  • Audit Your Business
  • Structure your Business

Day 2

  • Business Credit
  • OPM

Day 3

  • Building your team
  • Make More Money

Day 4

  • Business Contracts
  • Insurance

Day 5

  • Putting it all together
  • Cash out


Business Consultant & Engineer

I help high achieving Entrepreneurs make money and Get Money

Dr. Hermanie Pierre is best known as a philanthropist, a real estate investor, an Elite business structure consultant, and a professional international keynote speaker. In Early 2020, Hermanie was named Most Memorable Award Winning Motivational Speaker.

Dr. Hermanie is a former Miss Haiti. Since her crowning, Hermanie has turned her marvelous beauty queen title into a multi-pageant franchises ownership business. As of today, Hermanie controls 20 franchises that range in age from six months to 56 years. Hermanie has been trained in a range of modalities, from producing entertainment shows to creating educational content for women that vow to leave legacy behind, and that want to make a difference in the world that they live.

Adding to her achievements, Hermanie is one of few female engineers, managing multi-million dollar projects in various states and co-owned a construction Company. Through her many dedications to the community, Hermanie was named one of the Top 20 Most Influential Leaders by Arkansas Business

Dr. Hermanie continues to impact business owners' lives by helping them make more money in their businesses and get funding to expand their businesses.

As a certified Elite business structure consultant, she helped a small business leverage a six figure income, in a 3 weeks period, during the pandemic. During this time she helped several business owners obtain, roughly, $500,000 in aggregate funding in a 72 day period.

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Date: Mon - Fri Aug 07 - Aug 11

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7:30PM - 8:30PM CT

General Admission


Here's What's Included:

5 Days of Make More Money in your Biz with Marketing Training with Dr. Hermanie Pierre

Access To The MMM in Your Biz FB Group

7:00 - 8:30 CT

VIP Experience


Here's What's Included:

5 Days of Make More Money in your Biz with Marketing Training with Dr. Hermanie Pierre

Access To MMM In Your Biz FB Group

​VIP Pre-Session Via Zoom

High Level Coaching With Dr. Hermanie Pierre

​Bonus Kick-Off Call With a Special Guest



Here's What's Included:

5 Days of Make More Money in your Biz with Marketing Training with Dr. Hermanie Pierre

Access To MMM In Your Biz FB Group

​VIP Pre-Session Via Zoom

Q&A Plus (Members can ask questions)

High Level Coaching With Dr. Hermanie Pierre

​Bonus Kick-Off Call With a Special Guest

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Dr. Hermanie Pierre helped leverage my "ONCE" hobby of shooting Photography into a whole successful Business in Photography. Not only did she see past my limiting mindset (at the time), she encouraged me to shoot past the stars to embellish my art, inspired from a dream, into a reality, so that others could enjoy my gift of freezing beautiful moments in time. Words can not express, how thankful I am of the new opportunities she pushed me to reach and take!!!!!

Mrs. Davis

Hermanie has helped me discover the value of my own experiences and successes.

This lead me to taking a leap of faith and launching Turner Consulting. To date, I realize it’s one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. $$$$$$

I’ve connected with some amazing people through networking with Hermanie. Her courses have made a huge difference in my business. I followed her exact strategies and feel more than confident about myself and what I offer as a business owner. Let’s just say I understood the assignment 😊Thank you queen for being the epitome of a beautiful soul. Love you, ❤️🙏🏾

Ms. Tonya

My beautiful Coach, am ready for the meeting. Meanwhile,reflecting on the past group coaching we had. I want to say "Dr.Hermanie Piere ". I am so grateful for having you in my life. Your inspiration to see others thrive is beyond what words could Express.

I want you to know, you are a phenomenal Woman. We appreciate you dearly on this group. Thank you for stepping into your calling.


Judith Nelson

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is This Challenge For?

This is for anyone who are “newbies” or Seasoned Entrepreneurs that want to make more money and want to create financial wealth through their businesses.

How Much Is This Challenge?

There are 2 ways to participate in The 5-Day MMMinyourbiz challenge The General Admission Experience is only $97 and the VIP Experience is only $297 for the exclusive Zoom sessions including Q&A and VIP Coaching with Dr.Hermanie Pierre

Is This A Live Event?

Yes, each daily, challenge session will be live in our exclusive Facebook group!

What If I Can't Make It Every Day?

No worries! The daily replays will be available to watch until the end of the challenge.

How to go from not making enough money in your business to an overpaid Boss in 5 easy steps!

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